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Who do you think you are? April 3, 2010

I can’t stop watching the NBC show “Who Do You Think You Are?”. It documents different celebrities’ journeys through their ancestry. Have you been watching? It’s really amazing to see the things that they can find from so long ago. So far they’ve had Sarah Jessica Parker, Lisa Kudrow, Emmitt Smith, Matthew Broderick, and this week’s episode features Brooke Shields. The stories can take you across the country or across the world.

One of Sarah Jessica Parker’s ancestors was accused and killed in the Salem Witch Trials. Lisa Kudrow’s great grandmother was murdered in the Holocaust. One of Emmitt Smith’s ancestors was a slave and a daughter of a slave owner at the same time. Matthew Broderick’s ancestors could be found fighting in The Civil War, WWI, and WWII. He even helped solve a mystery involving his great great grandfather who’s grave marked unknown in a National Cemetery in Atlanta, GA.
All of these things just make me wonder, “Who am I?” and “Where did my family come from?”. It’s something that I have always wondered about. The tips from advise someone just embarking on this journey, to ask your family questions. I hope to someday answer these questions but, until then I’m going to sit back and watch “Who Do You Think You Are?” on NBC. It comes on every Friday night at 7:00 PM (CST).
I’ve included a panel of clips and episodes from Enjoy!