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My adventure at WWE Monday Night Raw March 2, 2010

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HBK and Triple H

$30 T-shirts, big shiny belts, and men with long hair wearing speedos- Does this sound like a good time? The idea of going to WWE Monday Night Raw was not really one I was willing to entertain until my city boy got us free tickets. I mean, what else were we going to be doing on a Monday night? We have a house guest to keep entertained too, his little sister, so we couldn’t turn down the opportunity!

Upon arrival there was a sea of fans lined up at all entrances. I loved the idea of getting to walk past them and take our places inside (mostly because I didn’t have on a coat)! We reach the door to the concourse guarded by the sweetest little granny. We gave her our names and we were let into a holding area of sorts. After talking to a few people I realized these weren’t just any free seats, we are seat fillers! When the time approached for the matches to begin they started to let over 10,000 fans flood the Ford Center. Every walk of life you could imagine was there, and their mama’s too!

Finally a producer came to wrangle us into a room.  He explained that we have free tickets on the floor of the arena and we’re to wear a bright orange wrist band that nobody else in the building would have. We were instructed to stay in our seats for the first hour and anytime that anyone in the view of the camera left their seat a producer might come get you to fill their seat until they return. There were few woman and mostly men in the seat filling group. When the producer said “Tonight you work for the WWE!” they let out a very manly exclamation. I knew then that this might not be something I will enjoy.

A view of the crowd.
We get into our seats and the energy in the room was amazing! The Ford Center was filled to the brim with wresting fans and their big posterboard signs. Wrestlers that nobody had heard of were throwing each other around the ring, the fans were still into it nonetheless. Then the real show started. The pyro was booming, the crowd was going wild, and most importantly the cameras were rolling. I saw one couple hold their baby up to the camera as it passed by, it kind of reminds me of the scene in the Lion King when they hold Simba up for all to see. (Skip to the 3:05 minute mark to see that part or watch the whole thing to get that warm fuzzy feeling)
I think after the first match we decided it was time to go bowling and we ditched Monday Night Raw. I didn’t get to fill a seat but within the hour and a half that I did stay I think I got the whole experience. (Insider Note: There aren’t any commentators. They are only for TV so it felt kind of awkward watching two guys fight without some sort of explanation) The highlight of the night was being within reach of Kevin Durant and James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder. I screamed when I saw them and almost stroked out. I will be at their game tonight and we have great seats. I will try my best to get some good pics to post! I mentioned earlier that we went bowling, yes we did. We played one game and I bowled a 48. No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you that is in fact 48. At the end of our bowling when we turned our shoes in the man “disinfected” our shoes with Oust Air Freshener! I almost threw up and immediately put on my Nectarine Mint Hand Sanitizer! There’s a difference between air freshener and disinfectant Mr. Bowling Man! The End.

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