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Dapper: neat; trim; smart. February 25, 2010

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“Warrior and Bowtie Expert. Linebacker and Poet. Jock and Treehugger: Dhani Jones understandsthe extremes of life. An NFL player with the Cincinnati Bengals, Jones rides a bike to the stadium for practices & games, works with Al Gore’s climate change initiative and is on Feeding America’s entertainment council to end hunger. Jones is now starring in the Travel Channel’s new original series, DHANI TACKLES THE GLOBE. By actively participating in some of the most beloved national pastimes from around the world, Dhani discovers that sports have the universal ability to open a window into a culture; define a destination; and unlock a common passion in people that is as different as it is familiar. His huge love for living, authority on sport and understanding of the big issues of climate change make Dhani a key player in sport and sustainability. No wonder that in Hindi, “Dhani” means thinking man.” -Biography on Dhani’s website.

I had to post this item from Dhani’s website because it eloquently describes everything I see in him. What more could a girl ask for? I found out who Dhani Jones is not by watching football, but by watching the Travel Channel. I just love Dhani Tackles the Globe! Follow the “cyber stalker” links below!

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