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Fro Yo: What the cool kids call frozen yogurt. February 15, 2010

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Have you noticed an increase in frozen yogurt shops in your area? In Oklahoma City I can think of a hand full right off the top of my head. Have you tried it yet? There’s a place about a mile away from my neighborhood called Pink Swirls. My first visit was a little awkward. There are huge cups and bowls at the door and then a line of different fro yo flavors all along the wall. I hesitated at first and then just went for it, not even knowing exactly what the rules were.

It’s a simple concept that I absolutely love! You pick a bowl or a cup (the cups are for smoothies) and you pick your fro yo flavor. You can mix and match the flavors or only get one. The composition really doesn’t matter because they charge you according to the weight of you fro yo masterpiece. Moving on to the toppings is almost overwhelming. Every kind of candy, nut, and fruit you can think of  at your dispense. They even have brownie, cookie, and cheese cake bites you can add. All in all I really like the whole fro yo experience. I hope it’s not just a fad!

I decided on the cheesecake flavored fro yo.
 I topped it with toasted almonds and coconut, Andes Mint pieces, and fresh strawberries!

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